Upgrade 2.2 to 2.5 (Standard not Enterprise)

George Stossel ( stossel@dacor.com )
Sat, 30 May 1998 18:38:21 -0400


I bit the bullet yesterday and upgraded a fully functioning 2.2
(MSAccess) to 2.5 and it's now broken.
I installed 2.5 to a different directory (C:\RadiusNT) than 2.2
I Went through the 2.5 Admin and installed the service and then
It stopped authenticating.
After being down for over an hour I set up my most important accounts
directly in our Ascend MAX 4048 so that they could get logged on while I
sorted out the problem.

I have spent most of the day trying to sort out the mess. I have the
authentication back up but I can't get accounting to work. Debug mode
shows me authentication requests but no accounting requests. The MAX
set up has not been touched in the area of authorization or accounting,
I have just added some names to the MAX Names/Passwords table.

In debugging the problems I changed several tables in my fully
functional 2.2 Acess database (cloned from your Radius22.mdb file) to
match the distributed Radius97.mdb configuration. This included the
addition of RadRoam... tables, the addition of RadVendor... elements to
several existing tables and renaming the Element NASPort to Port in the
Server... tables and related queries & reports.

I also added the documented registry entries that were not added by the
new Admin GUI and set the values accordingly.

I am out of ideas and could use some direction as to where to direct my
debugging efforts. We ar currently in the process of signing up with
iPass and would like to have this version operational when we go on-line
with them (I know that they owe you some dll update to make things

George Stossel
DACOR Computer Systems
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