Radius filters for Ascend-Data-Filter, etc.

Postman Account ( postman@cp-tel.net )
Tue, 12 May 1998 11:00:51 -0500

I'm trying to get RadiusNT v2.2 to assign a filter
to one of our customers.

If I wanted an Ascend-Data-Filter to do this...

Ascend-Data-Filter = "ip in drop proto 6 dstport = 80",
Ascend-Data-Filter = "generic in forward 0 0 0",
Ascend-Data_filter = "generic out forward 0 0 0"

I tried to setup in RadConfig..

RadConfigID AccountID RadAttribID Data Value
x 2 242 "ip in drop proto 6 dstport =80"

I get an error if I create another entry for the user
with RadAttribID 242... for "generic in forward 0 0 0"
and "generic out forward 0 0 0"

the Error is..
"Duplicate value in index, primary key, or relationship"

So, what is the proper format to put all the filter information
in the same Data Field? Seperate with commas? use quotes?

I can't get it to work... please help... I've tried commas,
quotes, etc.... but, it seems to ignore my filter.... if I
have more than "ip in drop proto 6 dstport =80" in the
Data field.... but, if I just have that... nothing gets

Can someone post an example or explain what I'm doing
wrong? thanks.. :)