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Read this email , and in the interest in providing better integration
between our product and RadiusNT I would be more than happy to provide any
information you need to aid the process.. Just sing out the info will


Andrew Hall.
Mgr. Network Systems Engineering - Carrier (ANZA).
3Com Corp.

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Michael Whisenant wrote:
> 1.1 I have had to increase the lenght of the field for call ports
> extend to 4 digits. The modems in slot 10 will report as 101 to 1024.
> you have 11 DSPs then you would get multiple users logged to the same
> ie Slot 1 modem 11 is reported as 111 and Slot 11 modem 1 is also
> as 111. Then what?

Are you referring to Servers.Ports table for Emerald? That field is
practically irrelevant, excpt for when creating/re-ported a NAS. The
most important fields, Calls.NASPort and ServerPorts.Port, are both
type integer.

I would guess hope that it would correctly align the numbers. For
example, 1001 for 10/1 and 101 for 1/1, etc. Then there shouldn't
be an issue. If not, there isn't anything you can do about it.

USR, err, 3Com, has such a looser site. I've never been able to
find the technical information I needed (plenty of marketing, but
nada for support. Just search for "RADIUS" on their FAQ search
and you'll get a whole two entries returned!) on their website.
Trying to download the documentation is even worse, since they only
let "privledged" people get to that. Geeze.

Ok. Off my soap box. Try running a query like this against
your calls table to see what kind of ports are being recorded.
Send me the list and I'll try to make something of it.