Re: 1605 Errors

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 10 May 1998 11:39:00 -0700

Scott Lagos wrote:
> We run a PM2s and PM3s, what NAS timeout are you talking about?

Currently, its not configurable on the PM3s. Mainly its Ascend
that causes grief with the account timeouts.

> Why would we get duplicates if the database was slow? I'm assuming that
> it has something to do with the SessionID, but I thought that was generated
> by the NAS.

A PM has a three second timeout for RADIUS. Lets say its take several seconds
(which I have seen common on an access database) to insert this record.
Although the record does get inserted into the database, the PM timesout
the request, and sends a second one a little bit later (with a higher
Acct-Delay-Time). When RadiusNT tried to insert that one, it sees that
it already had that record, records a dup, and acks it. Usually the
dup check is much faster than the actual insert (no indexes to update,
etc) and so it returns in a sufficient amount of time. If you are
seeing a large number of duplicates, then you should study the -x15
debug mode (and the individual response times for each accounting record)
to see if the database is slow (high response times liste by RadiusNT) or
is RadiusNT having problems inserting the records or a general
accounting error.

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