Re: 1605 Errors

Scott Lagos ( )
Sat, 09 May 1998 21:29:11 -0400

At 05:47 PM 5/9/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Scott Lagos wrote:
>> in the X15 output we see the Auth: ##/## which we can assuem is good/bad
>> auth. ON the Acct: ##/##/## what are those three for? Assume good
>> accounting records, etc but would like the difinitive word.
>> Also, if anyone has any recommendations on what we should do to try and
>> track down the errors mentioned I would appreciate it. I have noticed that
>> the number in the center position of the Acct: ##/##/## is climbng very
>Auth is Good/Bad and Acct is Good/Duplicate/Bad.
>> We are running the latest version of 2.2 on a MSAccess 7.0 database.
>If you are seeing a large number of duplicates, then most
>likely either your Access database is to slow or you could
>have a NAS that has too low of a timeout.

We were running the accounting from a different server and connecting to
the data source over the LAN so perhaps that was it.

Your answer raises two additional questions...

We run a PM2s and PM3s, what NAS timeout are you talking about?

Why would we get duplicates if the database was slow? I'm assuming that
it has something to do with the SessionID, but I thought that was generated
by the NAS.