USR Edgeserver and TrustMe

Hakan UNSAL ( )
Fri, 08 May 1998 19:26:44 +0300

Hi everbody,

Since I don't have too much experience on RADIUS, I have just joined the
list to have your advices. So if it is not the right place to ask the
following question, do please excuse me.

We have an USR Total Control Chassis with an EdgeServer card on it. In
order to authenticate dial-in users, we wish to use RACAL's RADIUS server
called TrustMe. (This system uses hardware tokens (WatchWordII) that
generate responses to the challenges sent by TrustMe.)

My question is; does someone know any software that will make the NT Server
on EdgeServer card act as a RADIUS client? I have tried RRAS (formerly
Steelhead) from Microsoft. When RRAS is run on EdgeServer, it seems that
RRAS can send authentication requests to TrustMe. (RADIUS Spy log on
TrustMe shows that the access-request has arrived and also it shows the
WatchWord challenge generated.) But user name and password prompt doesn't
appear on the post dial screen of W95 client PC. Therefore, since we don't
see the challenge, we can't enter the response, and TrustMe simply times out.

Does anyone successfully implemented such a challange/response type
authentication setup before? If so which RADIUS servers?

Thanks in advance.