ServerPorts and Concurrency Control Setup and Tips

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Thu, 07 May 1998 14:16:15 -0500

ServerPorts and Concurrency Control --
Setup information and Tips.

This is what eventually worked for us... hope
this helps someone in the future... we're using
MS Access95... thanks to all the help from
the listserv.... especially Kevin and Kurt.

1. The only information that you fill out in
the "ServerPorts" table is the "ServerID"
and "Port" columns.

2. The "ServerID" must correspond with the
"ServerID" from the "Servers" table.

3. The "Port" is found by checking your "Calls"
table and looking at the "NASPort" column.

4. The "ServerID" and "Port" columns will need
to be intially manually keyed into
"ServerPorts" table.... Radius will populate
the other fields with caller information.

an Example of ServerPorts table might be...

ServerID Port IPAddress etc.
6 20101 (Radius fills) (Radius fills)
6 20102 (Radius fills) etc.
6 20103 (Radius fills) etc.

6. The RadAdmin must have the Concurrency Control

7. The RadAdmin must have Manual Calls Update

8. Start/Stop RadiusNT.

Things to watch-out for..

The ServerPorts table must have caller information
populated in it for concurrency to work intially...
so, if someone is already logged in... while it was
being intially setup... concurrency control won't
work... not until they log-off... and then log back in.


If you take down radius or the database.... the users that were online... listed in the ServerPorts table... will still be recorded as online... when it comes back online.

Therefore, update the ServerPorts table... set acctstatustype = 2 where acctstatustype = 1

Otherwise, the users that are shown as being logged in (AcctStatusType=1) will never be able to log on.. (until you manually set AcctStatusType to 2... which means they logged off... and aren't currently loggedin.)


If you have Variable Login Limits selected in RadAdmin,the Login Limits field must be set.... to 1 or whatever you want the user restricted to... because, if it is set to 0.... concurrency control won't work... (since 0 means no restrictions.)


If anyone wants to add anything that I've overlooked with ServerPorts and Concurrency Control.. please post it... thanks.