RadiusNT v2.2 Accounting/Calls Online Error -1053

Postman Account ( postman@cp-tel.net )
Wed, 06 May 1998 15:50:11 -0500

Solution --

In the RadAttributes table, change the name of Attribute #4
from NAS-IP-Address to NAS-Identifier. That will fix the problem.

Now, our calls are being logged properly in the calls table... :)

The exact error message from radius -x15 was...

ODBC: SQLExecDirect Error -1053: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft
Access 97 Driver] Index or primary key can't contain a Null value.


I really wish that this had been posted in the RadiusNT documentation... under FAQs in the back.

However, the CallsOnline query is still not working, and I understand that this has to work to enable concurrency control...?

How do I set this up? We have a mixture of Ascend MAX 4000, MAX 4048s... and several Cisco 2511s. please respond...




We are using a mixture of Cisco 2511s and Ascend MAX 4048s to provide dial-up.

Recently, we upgraded to RadiusNT v2.2 from RadiusNT v1.60... we copied the information from the Master Accounts andSubAccounts into the sample RadiusNT v2.2 database.... as well as the servers, etc.... everyone is logging in properly.

We're using MS Access95.... but, no calls are being logged in the calls table... so the calls online table is not being populated... as a result, we don't have any accounting info being gathered at all... and no concurrency control.

How do you populate your ServerPorts table with the correctinformation? Is that the problem? I've read on the listthat it is in the instructions... but, I don't see itanywhere.

(We didn't have to populate the ServerPorts in RadiusNT version v1.60... and the calls table did update properly...but, we didn't have any concurrency control.)

Does RadiusNT have to login as a user when using MS Access95? We just clicked install as service and it is authenticating... just no accounting info is being gathered in the Calls table.

What do we need to do to fix it? Please, please help...

Thanks in advance,