Re: Voilation of PRIMARY KEY

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 06 May 1998 11:39:15 -0700

Tommy Cheng wrote:
> > This is NOT a RadiusNT issue, its a configuration issue on your PM.
> > RadiusNT IS NAKing the request. Typically a terminal server will only
> > allow three requests before it hangs up.
> Can you give me a hint on how to do this on a PM3? Lucent guys says
> that the default is to kick user after 3 bad passwords. But it is not
> working.

I just tested against a PM3, and it works correctly:

> CONNECT 64000
> login: bad1
> Password:
> Invalid Login
> login: bad2
> Password:
> Invalid Login
> login: bad3
> Password:
> Invalid Login

Here is a note I remembered on the idle settings that could be causing
it not to work for you. This is from the PM docs:

> Setting the Port Idle Timer
> The idle timer is used to control how long the PortMaster waits
>after activity stops on a port before disconnecting a dial-in
> connection, and how long the PortMaster should wait for a response
> to a login, password, or host prompt.
> You can set the idle time in seconds or minutes, to any value
> from 0 to 240. The default setting is 0 minutes.
> If set to the special value of 1 second, a dial-in user has 5
> minutes to respond to a login, password, or host prompt. If the user
> does not respond, the port resets, making it available to another
> user. Setting the idle time to 1 second turns off the idle timer
> after the user logs in.
> Note The idle time special value of 1 second applies only to
> asynchronous ports that have modem control turned on
> with the set S0 cd on command. Ports that are in the command
> state-with an administrator logged on-are not timed out with
> the special value of 1 second. In ComOS releases earlier than 3.5,
> the idle time special value is 1 minute.
> You can set the idle time of all the ports simultaneously by using
> the set all idletime command.

> > Neither. The constraint is designed to ONLY log on bad attempt per
> > minute for a specific user and failure.
> This is the trigger in calls
> -----
> UPDATE Emerald..SubAccounts
> Set sa.TimeLeft = sa.TimeLeft - (i.AcctSessionTime/60 +
> 1)
> FROM Emerald..SubAccounts sa, inserted i
> WHERE sa.login = i.UserName
> and sa.TimeLeft <> NULL
> and i.AcctStatusType = 2
> -----
> But I still get this:

These are not related. The trigger for accounting has nothing to
do with the Authentication loggin (RadLogs).

> Tue May 05 16:20:45 1998: User: SonHoang Not found
> Tue May 05 16:20:48 1998: ODBC Error:00000:1310760:
> It's inserting records every 5 seconds. What can I do?

That means someone is trying to login as SonHoang every
five seconds?

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