Re: Voilation of PRIMARY KEY

Tommy Cheng ( )
Wed, 06 May 1998 00:57:41 -0700

Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:
> I just tested against a PM3, and it works correctly:
> > CONNECT 64000
> >
> > login: bad1
> > Password:
> > Invalid Login
> > login: bad2
> > Password:
> > Invalid Login
> > login: bad3
> > Password:
> > Invalid Login

Sure, if you use terminal program like hyper terminal. If you enter
wrong user name three times, PM3 logs you right off. What if you use
PAP? Have you try to use Windows 95 DUN for authentication? For some
reason, PM3 won't disconnect. However, if you try to log to's
modem pool (they use PM3), then after 15 unsuccessful passwords, it logs
you off right away.

Yes, I even tried your access number (509)638-4968 and your PM3 don't
disconnect me after I entered user name "tommy" and some fifty bad
passwords for a duration of 7 minutes. I use Windows 95 DUN. But when I
do this to's number (626)723-1169, I get kicked out after 15
tries. Even Computone NAS I have works okay (this do suggest it is PM3
problem when it authenticates against PAP). I have read PM3 manual and
"set all idletime 1 seconds" won't work.

But since it works properly with, it does suggest there are
some work around for radius to disconnect the user after certain bad
password attempts. Someone suggested MacRADIUS at work
this way so I know there is a way for the radius to Nak the NAS and
disconnect the user. Can you offer any such methods? It would be a
great idea because 1) it won't fill out Radlogs and 2) duplicate radius
accounting packets won't kill my radius server anymore.

> That means someone is trying to login as SonHoang every
> five seconds?

Yes, unfortunally. This idiot enters his password every 3-5 seconds
many times a day and creates a hugh log file. If I don't kill off
primary constraint in Radlogs, Radius NT accounting information will get
messed up and shoot Radius server cpu processing to 100% (if you get
enough user to do it; unfortunally, we do).

Tommy Cheng
PC Magic Network