RadiusNT in ODBC without Emerald?

Mike Noel ( noel@integrityonline.com )
Tue, 05 May 1998 20:58:09 -0700

I'm trying to get RadiusNT setup in ODBC mode but I'm not using Emerald.
I'm using SQL Server for my ODBC database but I don't know how to set up
the tables in the database so that RadiusNT will use them.

I have the database setup with the tables listed in the written
documentation. I also created the columns as specified in the
documentation. However, I'm not able to determine what values need to be
in the tables to start with.

I have looked at the radius7.mdb file and the columns in that don't match
the documentation. For example, with the MasterAccounts table there are
quite a few fields that aren't in the documentation (eg, Address1) but are
in the mdb file.

Is there a SQL Server example database that I can use or a way to convert
from radius7.mdb to a SQL Server db? Or is there some documentation
somewhere that gives explicit details on setting up the database for

Maybe someone who has this setup would be willing to send me an excerpt
from their db?

BTW, I'm pretty sure that the database is set up properly with security
since I put the license in the table and radiusNT is finding it when it
tries to do an authentication.

Thanks for any info.