Re: User file

Edward B ( )
Tue, 5 May 1998 14:51:28 -0500 (CDT)

Hello all .. I had previously posted asking if the user file that Emerald
will export is compatible with unix version of radius(any of them).

Well after alot of 'yes' responses and even a working dictionary file
supplied by Josh (thanks Josh) I was still unable to get users to
authenticate off of the unix radius ( ascend 971222 ) untill I finally
rmoved the User-Service line of my users file .

I checked in the dictionary and the appropriate entry is in there for this
field..But the user does not get authenticated with this in there.

Here is a small excerpt from the dictionary

ATTRIBUTE User-Name 1 string
ATTRIBUTE Password 2 string
ATTRIBUTE Challenge-Response 3 string
ATTRIBUTE NAS-IP-Address 4 ipaddr
ATTRIBUTE NAS-Port 5 integer
ATTRIBUTE User-Service 6 integer
ATTRIBUTE Framed-Protocol 7 integer
ATTRIBUTE Framed-Address 8 ipaddr
ATTRIBUTE Framed-Netmask 9 ipaddr
ATTRIBUTE Framed-Routing 10 integer
ATTRIBUTE Framed-Filter 11 string
ATTRIBUTE Framed-MTU 12 integer

here is the excerpt from the users file:

ebroo Password = "*****", Expiration = "Apr 30 1999"
Framed-Protocol = 1
Idle-Timeout = 1200
User-Service = 2

Anyone have any thoughts as to why removing the User-Service Tag would
make this work ?????

Thanks !

Edward B