Re: Proxy Roaming

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 04 May 1998 21:05:24 -0700

Kenneth D. Lenox wrote:
> Greetings,
> We are currently running the RadiusNt 2.5, and have radius packets being
> sent from several other Merit Radius servers in our roaming network. If a
> packet comes in for one of my users, the Radius NT is not stripping the
> "" from the user id, and then will not authenticate the user as
> the odbc database only has the user id. We have followed the instructions
> and the -x15 debug mode shows that the enterprise options are enabled. We
> have setup the servers list and radroamdomain list also. has anyone tried
> this option yet?

What you have to do is define the domain in the RadRoamDomains table,
and make sure both the strip domain and treat as local options are checked.
When RadiusNT sees the treat as local flag with the strip domain, it
will strip the domain off the username and then try and authenticate
the username locally from the database.

Because you can define a DEFAULT proxy server, you must define the
exceptions that will be allowed to authenticate locally (where the
username includes a domain), or RadiusNT will just forward the proxy
on to the default.

> We also see ODBC error 07001.

Where? I'd need to see the -x15 debug around this to make some
sense of it. Many ODBC errors are specific to the ODBC driver you
are using, and since I don't know if you are using SQL Server,
Access, Sybase or Oracle, I can't even guess. :(

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