RE: Does idle-timeout work in RRAS ?

George G. Stossel ( (no email) )
Mon, 4 May 1998 20:55:21 -0400


Assuming the RRAS suffers the same problem as RAS under NT, the problem
is that the GUI does not set the same registry entry as the software is
looking at when the modems are programmed at service start up. This can
be cured by editing the registry for each modem in the pool to establish
the S##=# value that enables the idle time out for the given modem.
Please note that not all modems use the same S register to record the
idle timeout value.

I can remember the registry path, but I got the information from the M$
support site, under RAS.


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Subject: Does idle-timeout work in RRAS ?


I'm using RRAS ( w/ hotfix applied ) and idle-timeout doesn't
seem to be

Does anybody have RRAS that has idle-timeout working ?

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