Re:looks like problems

Richard Willis ( rdw@MNSi.Net )
Sat, 02 May 1998 14:14:11 -0400

seems to me alot of the problems but it is in the set up and running
it may be that the customers dont have the help informed on the procedure
and when the help updates the list they screw it up. with out proper
knowlage it seems that the helpers in a isp are dangerous
in doing some training i found out that there are people that can be it
and there are the ones who cant understanding the internet and all the
seems to be a real problem and if the person learning dont want to
learn then its a write off. hours or days waisted .

the best people i have found so far are the people who ahve started businesses
lost they still have the ability to learn and a thurst for knolage.

well this is my 2 cents worth i have to start working with this program soon
and hope when i start i dont have half the problems that have been
on the list

from the puter of
Richard Willis

ever wonder why goverment computers crash
just before you get to the front of the line ?

could be the static you built up in the computer room !!!