Re: 56K vs 33.6K authentication

Kitt Diebold ( )
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 19:13:43 -0400

>You must have it good in your neck of the woods.
>PRI costs us $1500/mo and Channelized T1 costs us $1375/mo. That means
>we're paying +/- $60 per channel versus $35 per line for POTS.
>What are other people paying?

$320 month for PRI ISDN (including the loop) from a CLEC.... same price for
a channelized T1. 800# service into the hunt group for ~$0.06 per minute.

All I had to do was guarantee a minimum of 150,000 terminating minutes per
month per PRI (we're doing around 192,000 and only using 8 lines at peak

The best thing is that my modem pool (VersaNet) will allow me to take
frame-relay 56K and dedicated 56K connections and have the Telco DACS it in
place of one of the channels. The modem pool will take it and just treat it
like a nailed up call. The modem pool will also accept ISDN "data over
voice" (where the TA is tricked into doing 56K data and the telco routes it
and charges it like a voice call). Great equipment.