Re: Going from Access to SQL...

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 13:11:20 -0700 wrote:
> When I use RadiusNT 2.2.41 it will not authenticate me. It keeps telling me
> that my account has expired. I have made every change conceivable to
> saexpiredate, maexpiredate, and the active fields in both tables. It still
> tells me that my account has expired. (It can't, I own the damned thing :) ).

Check two things. First Look at the maExpireDate, Extension, and Limit fields.
What are they and what do they total? Secondly, make sure you do not have
the "use regional date settings" in the ODBC enabled. RadiusNT 2.2 doesn't
like that option. :)

> So upgrade to RadiusNT 2.5.1 (Which I removed from the production box
> yesterday due to 4 freezes yesterday--another story). Now, I can get
> authenticated. Everything looks good, for about 30 seconds. Then it UPDATES

RadiusNT 2.5 does work with that ODBC option enabled. :)

> the calls table again, and again, and again, about every 30 seconds you are
> online. When you logoff, it updates the calls table with a stop record and
> then another start record. This leaves the ServerPorts table believing that
> you are still online!

I would guess that your NAS is re-sending the accounting records. Check
the timeout on it. Also, you might want to isntall the trigger on your
database with the latest one I posted here, as it can stop most of the
older accounting records from overwriting newer ones from the callsonline
persepective. RadiusNT with manual calls update doesn't have that

> I then sent only Stop records. Then the same situation acurred with the
> Update to CallsOnline, with the last update, after you logged off, saying
> that you are still online.

I don't follow this. Do you mean you selected the stop records only
option in RadiusNT Admin? This just tells RadiusNT to manually
update the callsonline when it received a start record, and not to
store it in the database.

> I have read and reread the debug window. There is no indication there of
> why it is sending so many accounting acks for the start record and only one
> for the stop record.

RadiusNT only responds to what the NAS sends. It can't tell the NAS
to re-sent the accounting records. :) What kind of NAS are you using
and what OS version? Those are a couple of important things you
didn't mention.

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