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Wed, 22 Apr 1998 13:10:33 -0400

NT (IIS) is looking at the username that the client logged into Windows as.
If you have the client log into windows with the username and password that
is on the NT machine (even if they are not logging into the domain), it will
perform passthrough authentication and not care about the Radius login (but
for consistancy's sake, you may want to match them all). Here is a related
topic that I replied to in the NGs that may provide some extra info. Not
all the steps will need to be followed, though.

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A user, who tries to connect to my network, is first authentified by a
Radius client on my Cisco router.
This router asks a Radius Server to grant access to the user.
Behind the Radius Server, there is a IIS server on a NT server. I'd like to
get back the name of the user from the Radius database to allow the user to
connect to the IIS server. The user must not have to authenticate a second
time on the IIS server.

Please could you tell me how can i do that ?
Thank you very much

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