RE: Problem !!

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 11:41:18 -0500

If you have the callsonline working then you can get their IP address using
the http info... and then check the callsonline to see the username for
that IP...

You will need to use .asp pages to do this.

On Wednesday, April 22, 1998 11:00 AM, Xavier Rivoire
[] wrote:
> A user, who tries to connect to my network, is first authentified by a
Radius client on my Cisco router.
> This router asks a Radius Server to grant access to the user.
> Behind the Radius Server, there is a IIS server on a NT server. I'd like
to get back the name of the user from the Radius database to allow the user
to connect to the IIS server. The user must not have to authenticate a
second time on the IIS server.
> Please could you tell me how can i do that ?
> Thank you very much
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