Re: RadiusNT ODBC problem

Greg Hastings ( (no email) )
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 08:36:20 -0700

>RadiusNT doesn't cache users from the database, so you are probably running
>in both mode. You would really need to post the exact -x15 debug for us
>to help you. If the error you are getting is an acct bind error, it
>means there is another copy of RadiusNT running.

Yes, I believe the last line before the command prompt says "acct no bind
error" or "acct bind no error". No other error messages. I had taken this
to mean "no error". (I'm not where I can run the machine to be exact).

I have removed RadiusNT from that machine a few times. And reinstalled.
There doesn't appear to be another instance of Radius running. I have even
gone into the registry and removed all references to radius that I could
find. However, there are a few entries (keys?) in the registry that are
titled something like "LEGACY_RADIUSNT" which I cannot remove. The registry
editor says I can't. There are also some similar entries called
"LEGACY_SBRADIUS" which appear to relate to another radius product that we
tried a while back.

Also, nothing shows up in the processes or applications lists in

There is, a copy of RadiuNT which is running on the NT Backup Domain Server,
which is the primary radius server. It is authenticating from an Emerald
SQL Server database on that same machine (not the machine we are having the
current problem with which is the NT Primary Domain Controller). Any
possibility that because both machines are NT Domain Controllers (Primary
and Secondary) that this could be causing the problem?