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Kevin ( )
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 12:29:55 -0400

IMail allows you to set up a Host Administrator. This user can modify, add
and delete users under there virtual host which is their domain. Therefore
if JOE is a host admin for YOURDOMAIN.COM then he has control via the
web interface for the entire virtual host. You as the ISP can set the max limit
on accounts from 1 to unlimited. Therefore, he could be allowed to set up one
additional account only by using this limit. Also, If all the customer needs is
to receive mail to another name on the host, a "nobody" alias can be defined
to pickup mail from anyname sent to the virtual host and forward to wherever
necessary, internal or external to your mail server.

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Could you not set this to allow each user to create ONE additional account
controlled by him?

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>We doing this with IMail from Ipswitch. If a user is given the proper
>they are able to create new users to a preset limit. This is all available
>through their web interface. (which I believe is not included free) We are
>using this for private domain names, if you are using a common domain
>name this may grant them access to create unlimited accounts and
>modify other accounts (not necessarily wise)
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