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I am not sure I understand your question correctly, but here it is:

I presume that you have a user that is getting a "mailbox in use" error
message while trying to retrieve his email over POP3?

There used to be a problem in VOPMail 1.0.165 (and all the IMS derivatives)
where this could occur in some tricky circonstances, but we fixed that in
1.0.166 and since then haven't had this reported as a problem.

You should only get this message while the user DOES have another POP3
connection opened. (It could be a connection that was never closed because
the user just hung up the line and the TCP timeouts didn't take place yet
because he called back too fast).

POP3 does not really allow for two mail clients accesing the same mailbox at
the same time. (IMAP4 does).

If a POP3 connection is "stuck" because of an ungracefull close (modem
hangup), it will timeout automatically after 10 minutes.

You may want to contact, they can have a look at your
logs to see if this can be explained.


Vircom, Inc.

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> For those of you using VOPMail I have a question. I have just installed it
> and connected to RadiusNT for accounts but I have one small annoyence. It
> will not allow me to have concurrency turned on as when the customer logs
> in and then tries to get mail it fails because "they are already on once".
> Any work arounds? How are you handling this?
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