Re: Slightly OT: Accessing SQL Server database from Win 95 workstation

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 21:48:56 +0800

>You will still be able to access your SQL database from Access, and you can
>continue to use forms and other queries as well. You will have to rewrite
>them to reflect the tables and rows in the SQL server database where they

That's great !!

Now the question is, how many client licenses should i buy for SQL Server ?

Only I and the RADIUS server will be adding data to the tables. But all my
users will be viewing the SQL Server table contents via an ASP page. I guess
this means I have to buy the Internet Connector module too.

- Danny

>You need to plan a little for this, as the port is not always as clean as
>you would like, but it is not an impossible mission.
>>On my NT Server 4.0 machine, I run RadiusNT with an Access 97 .mdb file
>>its ODBC database.
>>I have a Win 95 workstation that has Access 97 running on it.
>>I get to open / edit / and view the .MDB file on my NT Server via Network
>>When my dial-in users increase, I will need to upgrade Access 97 to SQL
>>What do I have to install on my Win 95 workstation to continue opening /
>>editing my database ?
>>- Danny Sinang