Re: Slightly OT: Accessing SQL Server database from Win 95 workstation

Sam Lowe ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 08:39:00 -0500


You will still be able to access your SQL database from Access, and you can
continue to use forms and other queries as well. You will have to rewrite
them to reflect the tables and rows in the SQL server database where they

You need to plan a little for this, as the port is not always as clean as
you would like, but it is not an impossible mission.

>On my NT Server 4.0 machine, I run RadiusNT with an Access 97 .mdb file as
>its ODBC database.
>I have a Win 95 workstation that has Access 97 running on it.
>I get to open / edit / and view the .MDB file on my NT Server via Network
>When my dial-in users increase, I will need to upgrade Access 97 to SQL
>What do I have to install on my Win 95 workstation to continue opening /
>editing my database ?
>- Danny Sinang