Re: LAN/Routing question

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 17:18:21 -0400

you sure you want to use the ascend pipeline?
we have a client connected to us who says that he needs to reboot his router
about every 5-6 days since his router seems to lock up. I would rather use a
Cisco router for this job since it is scalable and you can easily switch to a
high pipe when needed with not much extra costs.

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From: David Payer
Date: August 25, 1998 5:18 PM
Subject: LAN/Routing question

+AD4-I will be expanding to a nearby city to provide dialup service. I want to
+AD4-temporarily use a bonded ISDN line for the feed from there to here.
+AD4-I have a Class C license of addresses.
+AD4-I plan to use a Pipeline 25 on both ends and then run a term server on the
+AD4-other end.
+AD4-Do I need to subnet and route or can I simply bridge the two network
+AD4-segments with the Pipeline?
+AD4-David Payer