Re: Compaq vs. PM3

Ethan ( )
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 21:05:38 -0400 (EDT)

I have several Portmaster 3's in remote areas and they work great. They
are easy to configure and run for long periods of time without
maintenance. The only drawback is that Lucent has been very slow in
releasing the final version of V.90. They just can't seem to get it right.

On Sun, 23 Aug 1998, Preston Korn wrote:

> Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 14:04:29 -0700
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> Subject: Compaq vs. PM3
> Does anyone have any input on the compaq access servers vs the Lucent PM3?
> Which is better? Are they just as good? Which do you recommend?
> Preston

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