Re: newbies ISP setup

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 20:18:42 -0700

matthew wrote:
> ok. the first thing you need to know about providing 56k access is that
> it isn't done over normal phone lines.
> it is done over what is called "pri" lines.
> if you know what a t-1 line is (24 channels of 64k delivered over what
> essentially looks like a 10 base-t network cable) a pri is almost just
> like that except it is 24 phone lines not 64k data lines)

You can deliver 56kb access over trunk side T1 lines as well. You
don't spefically need a PRI, you just specifically can't have any D/A
conversions on the ISP side.

> anyway, so there are 24 lines in a pri. you lose 1 "line" for the
> handling of the call info so you wind up with 23 usable lines.
> so, 56k equipment comes in multiples of 23 because that is how many
> lines are in a pri and nobody really bothers with partial pri's.

Yep. But you can get 24 lines with a T1 since it uses OOB signaling.

> we use all usr total control but that is just personal preference and
> based on the fact that we wanted to support x2 because that was the
> first real "standard" that consumers had. it was admittedly a gamble at
> the time but it sure worked out well for us.

X2 was never a standard. It was a vendor proprietary protocol that USR
developed. You'd be pushing it alot to say it was even a de-facto
standard. USR marketing worked similiar to Microsoft and got it known.

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