Re: newbies ISP setup

matthew ( )
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 22:09:50 -0400

ok. the first thing you need to know about providing 56k access is that
it isn't done over normal phone lines.

it is done over what is called "pri" lines.

if you know what a t-1 line is (24 channels of 64k delivered over what
essentially looks like a 10 base-t network cable) a pri is almost just
like that except it is 24 phone lines not 64k data lines)

although if you want to get anal data lines is the proper definition...

anyway, so there are 24 lines in a pri. you lose 1 "line" for the
handling of the call info so you wind up with 23 usable lines.

so, 56k equipment comes in multiples of 23 because that is how many
lines are in a pri and nobody really bothers with partial pri's.

the short answer is you can check out the usr total control rackmount
modems or you can also check out the livingston pm3 rackmount modems. or

which is better is strictly a matter of religious orientation.

we use all usr total control but that is just personal preference and
based on the fact that we wanted to support x2 because that was the
first real "standard" that consumers had. it was admittedly a gamble at
the time but it sure worked out well for us.


Ken Chua wrote:
> Hello
> Can anyone recommend a Access Server or a Modem rack to provide about 50
> lines for 56K access??
> Thank you
> Kenzie