Wed, 19 Aug 1998 18:18:17 +100


Earlier on today I posted a question about upgrading from one processor Kernal
to Multiprocessor kernal. I tried using the uptomb.exe program and ended up
having an ntfs error on loading.

To cut a long story short.....

I had two mirrored drives of 3G each, I broke the mirror and formatted one drive.
The other drive which formed part of the mirror is now being seen as an UNKNOWN

Fdisk in DOS can see that the drive is an NTFS drive.

I have tried the editreg program that is mentioned in the support section @microsoft.com
but that did not help. The drive format is still shown as unknown.

I have very valuable data on the drive which I really need to access urgently.
Does anyone know what I can do? If you mention the use of a utility I would
really appreciate your pointing me towards its direction.


David Thake