Re: newbies ISP setup

Amitai Rottem ( (no email) )
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 11:23:55 +0200


Do you know of any places I can get these kinds of statistics? I'm in the
stages of setting up a local ISP and my upstream ISP said that for the 16
dialups I will have, 64K is enough. From what you say it won't be near th=
enough. My upstream should be glad if I would go with a 128 instead of a =
, then why did he suggest it?

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>I would recommend that you get at least 384K for 50 lines... 128K starts
>slowing down quickly after about 15 lines.
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>Date: Friday, August 14, 1998 10:27 AM
>Subject: newbies ISP setup
>>Dear All
>>We hope to start up an ISP business with about 50 lines and running of =
>>128K upstream.
>>Can any kind soul pls recommend equipments and softwares.?
>>We will be providing the standard Internet access and also Internet
>>a.) dial-up access equipment
>>b.) servers
>>c.) billing or management softwares
>>d.) routers (we are thinking of using DLink as the price is very cheap)
>>e.) any other equipments we might need.
>>Thank you