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And gee, most of what Unix does not include is included with NT FREE...much
of the same functionality if you know how to implement it.

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Unique difference between NT and Unix....most of the software we are
looking for
is public domain/freeware for Unix but NT versions are exhorbetently
priced. I
see that as the single most significant issue for NT servers on the Net.
simply is no parallel.

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Date: Friday, August 14, 1998 1:43 PM
Subject: RE: Blocking Software (Server side)

Thanks for the input/info...

I really would like to have something like Livingston's ChoiceNet, but I am
not using PMs except for a few analog lines....

I have a University that we will be providing service for and they would
like us to provide some form of blocking on the student accounts... so the
product needs to be a server side product... otherwise, the student would
just change his setup!!

The product has to be applied like a filter on my end.. that way I can
selectivily apply it.

Yes.. the $1-$2 dollars a month is getting a little steep...

Thanks again.. and I am still looking!!