Re: Problems with NT Server

Brent Sheppard ( )
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 12:59:30 -0500

John ...

Welcome to the club. i have been having the same problem for a year. I have
not been able to track it down with any real assurance that I know what to
fix. I am assuming that www or ftp is stoping. The rest of the server
continues to work? I thought my problem was polyform CGI. But, now I am not
so sure. I really think that we are the victim of M$. If you learn something
that I don't know please advise.

Brent Sheppard

John Lange wrote:

> HI
> We are having a few problems with one of our web servers, it is just
> stoping without any error message, dr watson, blue screen, or any sign as
> to why it is stoping, and I pulling my hair out. This can happen at any
> time of the day or night. Usually within an hour either way of midnight,
> sometimes in the middle of the day..
> This system has been up solid for a year and a half with no major changes,
> software or hardware. I have re-applied the service pack and hotfixes
> several times. Everything except complete new re-installation of the O/S..
> Done all the normal things like chkdsk, memroy diags, hardware diags, etc..
> Specs as follows:
> Dual p166 (no mmx) ASUS MB
> NT server 4.0 sp3, teardrop hotfix..
> 128MB ram
> 2.5GB IDE
> No SCSI (heard there were some issues with dual cpu's & Adaptec)
> Cirrus Logic PCI Video
> Software:
> Website Pro 1.1f (service)
> iMail 4.03 (service)
> Serv-U 2.4 (only recent change up from 2.3 & Rob has no clue) (applicaton)
> Arcana Schedular (service)
> MRTG (perl 5.107)
> These are servers, and have NO Desktop Apps installed..
> Any light you can shed would be helpful.
> Thanks
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