Re: Problems with NT Server

Dave ( (no email) )
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 09:08:32 +1000

I once had a similar problem and tracked it down to file permissions for
MRTG. 'rateup' would just take all resources whenever it tried to write to
disk (across the LAN) until it eventually crashed.


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From: John Lange <>
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Date: Wednesday, 12 August 1998 3:48
Subject: Problems with NT Server

>We are having a few problems with one of our web servers, it is just
>stoping without any error message, dr watson, blue screen, or any sign as
>to why it is stoping, and I pulling my hair out. This can happen at any
>time of the day or night. Usually within an hour either way of midnight,
>sometimes in the middle of the day.
>This system has been up solid for a year and a half with no major changes,
>software or hardware. I have re-applied the service pack and hotfixes
>several times. Everything except complete new re-installation of the O/S.
>Done all the normal things like chkdsk, memroy diags, hardware diags, etc.
>Specs as follows:
>Dual p166 (no mmx) ASUS MB
>NT server 4.0 sp3, teardrop hotfix.
>128MB ram
>2.5GB IDE
>No SCSI (heard there were some issues with dual cpu's & Adaptec)
>Cirrus Logic PCI Video
>Website Pro 1.1f (service)
>iMail 4.03 (service)
>Serv-U 2.4 (only recent change up from 2.3 & Rob has no clue) (applicaton)
>Arcana Schedular (service)
>MRTG (perl 5.107)
>These are servers, and have NO Desktop Apps installed.