RE: Storefront ?

rkm ( )
Sun, 9 Aug 1998 10:42:24 -0400


I don't like ANY of the commerce packages that require the global.asa file
to do the work for them. If I'm not running any other custom ASP pages it's
OK... but typically it's not the only ASP app on a site, and it's definitely
not the only ASP on the BOX...


On the other hand, the price is right and it seems to work <g>

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> Is anyone using Storefront with NT IIS 4.0 ? If so, can you provide
> any feedback on how well it works ? Also I'd like to hear any suggestions
> for good multiuser voicemail systems which run under 95/NT 4.0 . We've
> been using Hotfax Message Center from Smith Micro with limited success.
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