Re: ISDN Modem/router combo

Bartfai Attila ( )
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 16:48:16 +0200


We are using Compaq Microcom Series 4000.
With E1/T1 or PRI-ISDN you can provide both analog modem access (56k) and
ISDN access.
It's a professional solution an we have a very-very good experience.

>Can the other end be a CISCO ISDN router?

Attila Bartfai
system engineer
DataNet ISP

At 09:49 1998.08.07. -0400, you wrote:
>I want to provide ISDN connectivity for a couple of customers. I have an 8
>port card on an NT server providing RAS services with 28,800 modems
>currently... Is it possible to simply replace a couple of 28,800's with ISDN
>modems? Can the other end be a CISCO ISDN router? Anyone doing this? ISDN
>BRI has just gotten cheap in my area thanks to a CLEC who is competing with
>GTE. These lines will be nailed up 24x7
>Thanks in advance for your posts.
>Richard Marshall
>Marshall Network Services