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Kevin Ingram ( (no email) )
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 14:36:00 -0500

Do what we do: We also run a computer retail location with service center.
We offer free service for 1) hardware we sell... 2) software we are OEM
for... 3) Internet connection or navigation problems. We try to offer SOME
help for beginners and occasional help for downloaders and bargain software
purchased from a sellout at Walmart, but if it isn't really our
responsibility and theres no simple fix we do one of two things:

--Tell them to call either the software company they are having trouble
with, or the hardware company that made their unit, whichever applies. We
lay all responsibility for such things directly on the
manufacturer/developer, where it should be.
--If that wont work, we will service the unit for them at standard repair
rates, like any industry would. (If Ford won't fix your car for you, our
independent mechanics will be glad to look at it for a normal fee...) Most
people are pleased that our services are available when the source of their
problem sidesteps responsibility, and our customers dont mind paying for it
as long as we produce results. (Better than throwing it in the dumpster!)

Once we gain their trust with solving a few "unsolvable" problems, we
usually become their heroes and we have a very dedicated and loyal customer
(as long as we continue to take care of them!)

I still believe in fair trade, and I think most consumers would agree.

Thats my opinion anyway.
Kevin Ingram

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Date: Tuesday, August 04, 1998 2:10 PM
Subject: What would happen if...

>Please excuse my rant, I quit smoking yesterday, and had my third call this
>morning from people who installed Netscape 16 bit version on Win98, dl'd
>communicator, installed it and can't figure out what's wrong, and want me
>to fix it for FREE!
>What would happen if all the ISP's and Computer Service Companies in the
>US/World got together and jointly QUIT supporting stupid people. Made them
>pay by the minute for hand holding. Told Bill to support his own junk
>software. And generally told stupid home computer users to take that junk
>they bought at circuit city back and NEVER touch anything more complex than
>a wind up alarm clock. (Even though most of them wouldn't understand the
>precise concept of counter-clockwise)
>Thanks for letting me blow off steam.
>[BTW] Carpet cleaner killed the cricket that has been driving me nuts for
>the last week. (Hope this does not incite a riot of animal rights
>activists) I will probably go to jail for this one.
>Two calls from dolts who can't figure out why their 386sx, drive overlay
>software on a 12GB drive with 8 partitions, will not run win98, (looser98).
>Thanks again
>JOhn :}
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