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John Lange ( )
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 14:14:31 -0500


You are right, and they have brought me income beyond my wildest dreams.

But, and everyone has a but!

Then they should train the sales reps at circus city to tell customers that
they will have to "PAY" for support. And that they should hire a
"QUALIFIED" "Computer Professional", and that the guy next door is "NOT" a
computer expert, even if he did install his own hard drive, and says he
knowa all there is to know.

Heck, I am a newcommer to this business with only 9 1/2 years of experiance.
WHAT DO I KNOW? I get fooled every day (Darn You M$). But as sure as my
name is John, I shouldn't have to "GIVE AWAY" 9 years of hard work, sweat,
and banging my head against a brick wall because someone told them that
they could get free support for EVERY program the ever STOLE, by just
calling & demanding that they downloaded it while they were online thru my
company, I have to support it. They are even dumb enough to beleive that
it came off one of MY SERVERS!

[Man, I am really fired up today]

OK, Enough of this. The lists are too full of whiners lately anyway.

Thanks ALL
JOhn :}

At 02:05 PM 8/4/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi John,
>I completely understand your feelings, and I
>agree with much of what you said (which is why
>my staff asks that I not handle technical support
>However, the thing that is important for all of
>us to remember is that the Internet has brought
>computing to hundreds of thousands of people
>who would have never had a computer otherwise.
>To many of them, it is new, frightening,
>uncomfortable, and foreign. Certainly not an
>excuse, but something I think is important to
>keep in mind when, for the fourth time, explaining
>there really isn't an "any" key on the keyboard.
>Best of luck!

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