Re: RAID 5 Partitions ( (no email) )
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 16:05:53 -0500

At 01:28 PM 7/29/98 MST, you wrote:
>Can you format the stipe so that there can be 2 FAT partitions and the rest
>NTFS. The 1st FAT being used for the OS and the 2nd for an older DOS based
>The administration wants the OS on a FAT partition?
>If so, can these partitions be made from the NT Disk Administrator after
>the initial installation where the drives have been partioned into 1 large

I don't think the boot drive can be a striped drive. However, in some
applications making the 1st drive (NT boot) FAT make sense. There are many
more FAT repair tools available then NTFS ones, and you can boot off a
Win95 or DOS disk to repair it. Since NT won't let you boot off a drive
larger then 2 Gig there isn't a size problem (except that the FAT table is
very wasteful). Just remember that the security is not as good on FAT, and
it not as reliable as NTFS.
You can create striped drives anytime after NT is installed using the Disk

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