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>From what we can ascertain, a OS bootable/redundant RAID 5
configuration using our 3 9GB drives must be established during
the installation of NT 4.0.

However we see no facility from within
the NT installation process to partition our 3 drives as anything
but FAT or NTFS on a Primary partition.


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At 01:24 PM 7/27/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Paul Sheahan wrote:
>> I haven't seen or heard of an NT bootable RAID5 system. But if it can be
>> done as Tangent says, you can use NTFS or FAT. Use FAT only if you are dual
>> booting another OS that can't support NTFS. Otherwise, always use NTFS as it
>> provides better performance than FAT on any drives over 400 meg, among all
>> of the other security features.
>All hardware RAID systems make the RAID drives appear to the OS
>however the RAID is configured. Therefore, you can configure a RAID5
>set with 3 drives (a total of 18gb) to apear as a single 18gb
>hard drive to NT. NT just uses it likes its an 18gb drive.
>Software RAID5 is much different and probably what you are thinking
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