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Paul Sheahan ( (no email) )
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 14:19:26 -0400

Setup your drives as a RAID 5 array BEFORE installing NT. There should be a
utility that comes with your array to let you do this.
Then, when installing NT, it will appear as one large logical drive. NT only
supports FAT and NTFS so choose one or the other during the installation....

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>>From what we can ascertain, a OS bootable/redundant RAID 5
>configuration using our 3 9GB drives must be established during
>the installation of NT 4.0.
>However we see no facility from within
>the NT installation process to partition our 3 drives as anything
>but FAT or NTFS on a Primary partition.
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>>Paul Sheahan wrote:
>>> I haven't seen or heard of an NT bootable RAID5 system. But if it can be
>>> done as Tangent says, you can use NTFS or FAT. Use FAT only if you are
>>> booting another OS that can't support NTFS. Otherwise, always use NTFS
as it
>>> provides better performance than FAT on any drives over 400 meg, among
>>> of the other security features.
>>All hardware RAID systems make the RAID drives appear to the OS
>>however the RAID is configured. Therefore, you can configure a RAID5
>>set with 3 drives (a total of 18gb) to apear as a single 18gb
>>hard drive to NT. NT just uses it likes its an 18gb drive.
>>Software RAID5 is much different and probably what you are thinking
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