RE: Any recommendations on a good SCSI backup device?

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Thu, 23 Jul 1998 08:45:25 -0700

The combo of RAID 5 (which you can do via NT disk admin, w/o buying
a RAID array) and a FULL nightly tape backup is as safe as you get.

I have always used DAT (Seagate) SCSI drives and Cheyenne ArcServe
and it has never failed me yet.


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This is my day to say Bull S....

Raid "IS NOT A BACKUP". It's great if a drive fails. But again "IS NOT

[scenario 1] What happens if the telco (nice telco) delivers about 10
million volts (lightning) on one of your T1's, thru the smart jack, over
your PM's, across your Ethernet hub, and a direct hit on your

NO BACKUP HERE -> Start from scratch & probably have to replace your
base also because they will leave in droves.

You can run to Best Buy (emergency only) if you have to and have a new
machine in 10 minutes, install tape drive and be back online in 3 hours.
know, this scenario leaves you without PM's, but it can happen)

I don't recommend using discount machines as servers, but in a pinch...

[scenario 2] Simple disaster (happened to me) My Emerald SQL DB self
destructed. No tape backup, Great Raid system, the drives never failed.
could have been back up in 45 minutes, but NO (no tape backup) I called
franticly, everyone I knew that knew SQL, (couldn't fix it) Everyone
"RESTORE THE TAPE FROM LAST NIGHT" {Gulp} no tape backup. We made it
through the disaster, we did copy the nightly data dump to a different
machine, but I had to redo all the security, and db stuff again. I
have had a V8 (while restoring the TAPE)

Don't cut corners, get a good high quality "NAME BRAND" DAT (DDS) 4mm or
8mm Tape Drive. And high quality "NAME BRAND" backup software.

We use the following:
SEAGATE 24 G External DDS 4mm Dat Drive
SEAGATE Backup Exec NT Enterprise
with SQL & Netware add-on's
Verbatim 125M 24 G Tapes
Adaptec 2940 SCSI Controller (separate one for the tape, don't chain it
with your hard drives)

Now if you want "Fault Tolerance" invest in a RAID system, but "DON'T
FORGET" the tape drive.

My 2c worth, but take it from someone who knows.

JOhn :}

At 11:18 PM 7/22/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>stay away from tape???
>Use a Windows NT RAID configuration. Hard drives are pretty inexpensive
>these days.
>Eric Jensen wrote:
>> Can anyone recommend a good SCSI backup device? We are trying the
>> SyJet, but problems are starting to arise. We want to stay away from
>> Please send me your recommendations of experiences.
>> Thank You,
>> Eric

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