RE: Any recommendations on a good SCSI backup device?

Cowperthwaite, Eric ( (no email) )
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 10:56:16 -0700

Of course, if you use Microsoft's RAID, in conjunction with parity
striping in a RAID array, you will achieve RAID level 10. hmmmm.....

I have used NT 4.0's RAID capabilities, and SCSI drives for 2 years
now, without failure, without problem. Had one drive go bad on me and
didn't lose any data. Had I lost any data, I still had my Tape backup.

In my current position we have net servers with large amounts of data
on them, 25 to 30 GB, and we use a RAID array and NT RAID in conjunction
and a DLT drive.

On smaller servers I use DAT drives.


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If you have huge data, use DLT, it works very fine. I have a HP
30, not the newest and the best, but very fast and reliable.

RAID5: don't use Microsofts RAID Option comming with NT... use RAID
or don't use RAID, thats my opinion.


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> The combo of RAID 5 (which you can do via NT disk admin, w/o buying
> a RAID array) and a FULL nightly tape backup is as safe as you get.
> I have always used DAT (Seagate) SCSI drives and Cheyenne ArcServe
> and it has never failed me yet.
> Eric
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> HI
> This is my day to say Bull S....
> Raid "IS NOT A BACKUP". It's great if a drive fails. But again "IS
> A
> [scenario 1] What happens if the telco (nice telco) delivers about 10
> million volts (lightning) on one of your T1's, thru the smart jack,
> to
> your PM's, across your Ethernet hub, and a direct hit on your
> server....poof.
> NO BACKUP HERE -> Start from scratch & probably have to replace your
> user
> base also because they will leave in droves.
> You can run to Best Buy (emergency only) if you have to and have a new
> machine in 10 minutes, install tape drive and be back online in 3
> (I
> know, this scenario leaves you without PM's, but it can happen)
> I don't recommend using discount machines as servers, but in a
> [scenario 2] Simple disaster (happened to me) My Emerald SQL DB self
> destructed. No tape backup, Great Raid system, the drives never
> I
> could have been back up in 45 minutes, but NO (no tape backup) I
> franticly, everyone I knew that knew SQL, (couldn't fix it) Everyone
> said
> "RESTORE THE TAPE FROM LAST NIGHT" {Gulp} no tape backup. We made it
> through the disaster, we did copy the nightly data dump to a different
> machine, but I had to redo all the security, and db stuff again. I
> could
> have had a V8 (while restoring the TAPE)
> Don't cut corners, get a good high quality "NAME BRAND" DAT (DDS) 4mm
> 8mm Tape Drive. And high quality "NAME BRAND" backup software.
> We use the following:
> SEAGATE 24 G External DDS 4mm Dat Drive
> SEAGATE Backup Exec NT Enterprise
> with SQL & Netware add-on's
> Verbatim 125M 24 G Tapes
> Adaptec 2940 SCSI Controller (separate one for the tape, don't chain
> with your hard drives)
> Now if you want "Fault Tolerance" invest in a RAID system, but "DON'T
> FORGET" the tape drive.
> My 2c worth, but take it from someone who knows.
> JOhn :}
> At 11:18 PM 7/22/1998 -0700, you wrote:
> >stay away from tape???
> >
> >Use a Windows NT RAID configuration. Hard drives are pretty
> >these days.
> >
> >Eric Jensen wrote:
> >>
> >> Can anyone recommend a good SCSI backup device? We are trying the
> SyQuest
> >> SyJet, but problems are starting to arise. We want to stay away
> tape.
> >> Please send me your recommendations of experiences.
> >> Thank You,
> >> Eric
> >
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