Follow-up Letter
Wed, 22 Jul 98 04:07:09 EDT

From: Charles H. Borden
President, GlobalVision
Sarasota, Florida

Please kindly direct to the Sales and Marketing Decision Maker

Please accept this important reminder as follow up to my letter of last week about GlobalVision's potential effective marketing of your firm on our upcoming world tour. If you will recall, we promote "global-minded" companies at our exclusive overseas 'Direct from the USA' catalog expos. Once you've registered, we will invite key overseas distributors, joint-venture partners, government buyers & licensees in your industry. Remember, you stay home while we do the legwork. We have space available for Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, Canada, Singapore, S. Africa, Chile & Colombia. Plus we have World Catalog Trade Shows in Europe and Japan. These special events are joint ventures with World Trade Centers Association.

Fees range from just $375-$695 per expo with a money back guarantee. If you are considering doing business in any or all of the above markets please respond by E-mail today. Simply hit your reply button and send us a short note. Please be sure to include your NAME, COMPANY, AREA CODE and PHONE NUMBER. Glenn Eichenauer, our V.P., will contact you by PHONE during business hours.

If you have received this message in error, please accept our apology. If you wish to be excluded from future mailings, simply press your reply button and send us the word "remove" in the subject line.


Charles Borden
President, GlobalVision