Re: Redundancy & Fault Tolerance

Paul W. Wilcox ( (no email) )
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 08:44:33 +1000

Hi Victor

Check out a product from DPT.

The product is called ServerOnCall, Effectively it requires the use of their
raid controllers and the software, but continually checks the "heartbeat" of
all servers on the network and if any one fails a backup server immediately
gets put online with that servers configuration, hard disk data etc.

Too much detail to explain here as to what it does and how, and perhaps it's
a "next step" solution for you rather than solving your immediate problem
(i.e. I think it requires 3 servers), but it is a great system, cheaper
than wolfpack, and definitely worth a look.


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From: Victor A. <>
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Date: Saturday, July 11, 1998 9:34 AM
Subject: Redundancy & Fault Tolerance

>1) I want the load be distributed in both servers and
>2) If one of the servers fails I want the other one to immediately take
>over so that not a single user notice our Web Services are down.
>I know this can be done, the question is: What is the best way to
>accomplish it?
>If anyone out there has done something similar and is willing to share the
>"know how" I will greatly appreciate it.
>Best to all,