Re: BIND 4.9.7

Carlo Gibertini ( (no email) )
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 08:58:15 -0300

Is there a 4.9.7 bind free for nt? Where?

I check at and the latest is 4.9.5.


Carlo Gibertini

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From: Mike Roberts <>
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Date: Quinta-feira, 9 de Julho de 1998 22:06
Subject: BIND 4.9.7

>Question about the freeware BIND 4.9.7 port for NT, BIND NT.
>I read the BOG.WRI and didn't find the answer to this one.
>Somewhere along the line my secondary stopped answering NSLOOKUP requests
>list domains. My primary still responds to NSLOOKUP requests.
>When I use NSLOOKUP on the secondary I get:
> *** Can't list domain Query refused
>It is probably something simple. The first thing I checked was my XFERNETS
>statement. In fact, I cannot do a lookup from the host running the DNS
>Any ideas?
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