RE: IIS4 customer-maintained-directory-access-permissions?

Gregory Gooden ( "Gregory )
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 19:57:01 -0700

This seems to be my day for talking about Vircom (heh heh)... and check out a product called the VOP ISAPI
Filter. It allows you to set up, for your hosted customers) ODBC
Databases (and text files too) on a domain by domain basis... You could
use ASP to build a management system for the database too... (we use
Cold Fusion at my company for it)..

Gregory, Inc.

> Hi all,
> does anybody know a way to let web-customers set up password-secured
> directories without giving access to SAM or NTFS specs?
> They should be able to create a directory and/or files and specify
> username/password lists who then can access their "premium-content"
> P.S:: For use on WIN-NT with IIS4...
> Regards Bernd