Statistics Server 4 from Mediahouse

Christian Schmit ( )
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 09:02:26 +0200


We use SS4 since a few months now and we are experiencing very serious
memory problems with it. Tried SS4 already on 3 different servers, for now
it is running on a dual P-II with 256MB RAM. After it was running for 2 days
there were only 50 MB of free memory remaining.

Starting and stopping the SS4 service immediately freed up some 130MB??
We only monitor some 10-14 virtual web servers from IIS4 which are not very
busy. This bug is 100% reproducible.

I get no answer from Mediahouse if they are working on the problem.

Running NT4 server + SP3 + hotfixes.

Anyone having seen this?