RE: .mid files

Brian Lube ( )
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 09:06:18 -0400

Okay. The <EMBED> tag will work with either browser, but you need to have
the mime type set for IIS to handle it properly (for some reason in NS4
setting the type in the HTML doesn't work). What you need to do is in the
properties for the web you wish to enable it for go into document types,
and there will be a button for adding MIME types. Add the ext. .mid and
..midi with an application type of audio/x-midi. This will correct the

Hope this helps!

Brian Lube

At 06:43 AM 7/6/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I would be Interested in any responses you receive with this Issue. I have
>the Same
>problem here.
>I am running NT4.0 with IIS 4 and my users pages that contain .mid files for
>background music on their pages play fine with Internet Explorer but will
>not play with Netscape Navigator. The exact same files loaded on another
>provider play with both browsers. Does anyone have a suggestion to what
>might be wrong. Maybe an IIS setting?
>Greg Martin
>Planet Earth Internet Services