Missing NT bootup file? Help!!

Philip de Lisle ( pdelisle@bizonline.net )
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 08:56:03 +0100

This is a real shot in the dark, but Execsoft have not gotten back to me on
this after a week, so I thought I'd ask the list <flattery> as you are such
a knowledgeable bunch of people (</flattery>

I have just been asked to evaluate Diskeeper for NT v3.0

Since I tested the Boot-time Directory Consolidation feature, I now see an
error message every time I boot up as the last thing on the blue screen
before the GUI kicks in (it is after status messages saying that the drive
is clean). The message is

"AUTOCH program not found - skipping AUTOCHECK"

What is the AUTOCH program? Is it part of Diskeeper or something in NT
itself? If the latter, please can you tell me the name of this file as I
have several NT Workstation installations and can copy the file manually to
the test PC. None of my other PCs show this message




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