For those using MS-DNS

Victor Alba ( )
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 14:56:10 -0400

On sunday morning we experienced an unusual problem that I was hoping
someone could help me clarify it. We run our primary DNS server in-house
(MS-DNS) and have our upstream run the secondary (MCI). We are using
sitescope to monitor our Network and we saw yesterday morning that the
Secondary DNS was reported as being down. We didn't have too much of a
concern since we thought we had our Primary running.....a few minutes later
we tried accessing some sites and all we got was "DNS server not found".
Customers started to call by the dozens.... everything else was just great
just no name resolution at all !! Half and hour later when our secondary
came back up everything was om again. The question here is: Why wasn't our
primary working?? We have no forwarders specified, there were no errors
registered in the NT logs, the DNS was up & running (according to NT)......
why then we couldn't do anything !!

If anyone has an answer to the problem (other than changing over to BIND
which is something I'm considering seriously) or an explanation for it I'd
love to hear it. Thanks.